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Are you a chartered account and looking for website design company in Pune or Mumbai to design and develop website for a CA in Pune or Mumbai? Read on…

Till recent time, not much CAs had their own website. Their entire business was based on personal contacts and referrals. Like other professionals, CAs were also not insistent on having a website. The situation is changing, though. Young chartered accountants in Pune and Mumbai are going ahead and developing their own website. A professional website for a CA helps chartered accountants to showcase their services, portfolio and contact details prominently. These days, when a mid or big sized company is in the process of appointing a CA, it first searches for chartered accountants on Google and visits websites of shortlisted CAs to gain information about them from their services, credentials etc. The purpose of finding CAs online and visiting website of Chartered Accountants can be – finding information about CA firm, knowing about their service offerings, reading reviews of the CA, knowing the existing client profiles, getting exact address and contact number etc etc. Since everyone now has smart phones, it is easy for people to browse internet, find information about the CA and make a decision as to which CA to appoint.

A website for a CA can extremely benefit the Chartered Account or CA Firm!! How….

  • With the website, the CA gets an opportunity to create his own online presence.
  • Website is brochure which is always available for people to read, review.
  • Website showcases every small detail of the CA – right from his services to offerings, strengths, addresses details etc.
  • Very few CAs still have their own website. Having a website can be a plus over other CAs who don’t have their own website.
  • With the website, CA gets an official email address to communicate with his clients. This looks very professional.
  • Website can have a notification facility through which the clients can be notified about the important due dates, events etc.

What all should be there in a website for a CA or Chartered Accountant?

  • Clean, professional design
  • ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) compliant content placement
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly design)
  • Homepage showing information about the CA, Services, important due dates, contact details etc.
  • A tab about updates on government rules and regulations related to taxation.
  • Picture gallery to show photo / images of CA, his team, office etc
  • Testimonials section that lists customer reviews about the CA
  • Contact details

Which technology, hosting is suggested for developing website for a hotel?

  • Development Technology
    • WordPress with admin panel
    • Joomla CMS
    • Drupal
  • Hosting
    • GoDaddy Shared Linux Hosting
    • BigRock Shared Linux Hosting
    • HostGator Shared Linux Hosting

How Lets Webify can help in designing website for a CA?
Lets Webify is a website design company in Pune having 10+ years of experience of designing and developing websites for CAs, Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals. We also have wide experience of developing web stores, e-commerce sites. While developing a website for a CA, this experience is certainly leveraged. Be it an individual CA, CA Firm or Accounting backoffice – we understand their need and know how to design website for chartered accountant.

If you are a CA in Pune or Mumbai and want Lets Webify to develop a website for you, call us on +91-9422472525 or write an email to [email protected]. We are based in Pune (Maharashtra) and cater to clients all over India. We would love to design a website for your CA Firm. We are backed with creative website designers and coders who are expert in designing and developing website for CA!!! We can support you right from selecting relevant domain name to designing the website, hosting it on web servers and managing it thereafter!!!

Lets Webify – The best web designing company in Pune for designing and developing website for CA or Chartered Accountant.

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