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Expert Website-Maintenance Services in Pune by Lets Webify
Expert Website Maintenance Services in Pune by Lets Webify
Experience top-notch website maintenance services with Lets Webify, a leading agency based in Pune and Mumbai, India. We cater to clients worldwide, providing comprehensive support for business websites, corporate websites, WordPress sites, Shopify stores, WooCommerce stores, Magento ecommerce platforms, and other popular platforms like Prestashop, OpenSource, and Wix. Our flexible engagement options include hourly and monthly fee structures, ensuring we meet your specific needs and adapt to the volume of changes required. Whether you refer to it as website maintenance AMC, website AMC, or an annual maintenance contract, trust us to deliver exceptional service and keep your website running smoothly.
Why is maintenance necessary?
Your website serves as the foundation of your digital identity, providing essential information about your business, products, and contact details. However, static and outdated websites are unfavorable to both users and search engine algorithms, resulting in lower search rankings. Ensure your website remains current and relevant with regular updates and enhancements through reliable maintenance company. Experienced companies handle content, graphics, functionality, and navigation changes, as well as code-level adjustments for improved technology and enhanced security. Trust in our expertise to keep your website dynamic and optimized for success.
why is website maintenance necessary
How Can Lets Webify Help You with Website Maintenance
How Can Lets Webify Help You with Your Maintenance Needs?
Are you struggling to keep your website updated and maintained? Many website owners face challenges in keeping their websites up-to-date due to time constraints or lack of technical resources. At Lets Webify, we understand this common struggle and offer comprehensive maintenance services for websites and ecommerce sites, including hourly and monthly options, as well as an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) service. With over 12 years of experience in web design and development, we have identified the key areas where maintenance is crucial. Our services cater to the specific needs of small and medium-sized websites, ensuring that your website remains in top shape.
Essential activities covered in maintenance of a website
As a maintenance agency, we cover:
  • Uploading new text content, image, news and updating existing content, image, news
  • Adding new navigation menu, deleting or altering existing navigation menu
  • Adding new information releases, deleting or altering existing information releases
  • Managing contact us pages, updating map location
  • WordPress version upgradation
  • Worpdress security plugin updation
  • WordPress plugin upgradation
  • Website backup (Code & Database) management
  • Cache management, Database cleanup
  • Installing security modules, plugins, code to make site secure
  • In case of malware attack, restoring backup and cleaning up infected code
  • Minor graphics creation for website
  • Managing & Reporting Google Analytics and Google Webmasters data
Essential activities covered in website maintenance
Lets Webify's maintenance services are:
  • Responsive – Our maintenance team is easily accessible via phone, email, and WhatsApp, ensuring quick support.
  • Proactive – We proactively monitor our customers’ websites, providing timely suggestions and updates to address critical situations like hacking, malware attacks, and server downtime.
  • Flexible – Our engagement models are highly flexible, offering options for fixed annual (AMC), monthly, or hourly basis maintenance. Regardless of the chosen model, we guarantee top-notch service and support.
  • Supportive – Our technically proficient and friendly maintenance staff understands the significance of website upkeep and the importance of each maintenance task.
  • Cost-effective – We consider maintenance as a value-added service for a website owner, taking into account our customers’ budget constraints. Therefore, we offer competitive rates for our website maintenance services.
Hire Lets Webify, a leading website maintenance company in Pune. To keep your site secure, updated, up & running. Contact us today!

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