Online grocery store development, ecommerce site for selling grocery online

Lets Webify has in-depth knowledge and technical expertise of building online grocery store, ecommerce website for selling grocery online. Not just online grocery website, but if needed, we have complete solution for building Android & iOS mobile app for online grocery store.

online grocery store development

Online Grocery Store Development

Yes, grocery can be very well sold online
Post 2008, businesses started feeling need to go ecommerce. Fashion, jewellery and books were pioneer categories entering ecommerce. This was followed by consumer electronics, cosmetics, computers & mobile, mobile accessories and fashion accessories. Unfortunately, grocery is the last to enter the ecommerce bandwagon. There are strong reasons why it took long for grocery industry to go online. Two of them are… 1 – It is a notion that buying grocery needs basic knowledge of grains and seeds, and hence it’s to be bought from stores after touch and feel 2 – Costly and complicated delivery mechanism. This kept merchants away from selling grocery online. However, in the view of COVID-19 and the possible aftermath of the pandemic, things have changed 180 degrees. Buyers as well as sellers have now confidence in “online grocery” as an option.

Online Grocery has a good future

If you already deal in grocery business either as a retailer or a whole-seller, there stands a lucrative opportunity for you to explore catering your customers through an ecommerce website (online grocery store). Yes, go for an online grocery store of your own!! This online grocery store will be extension of your brick-and-mortar store. Big basket is already selling grocery online, and Reliance is on the verge of entering into grocery ecommerce. If such big companies are entering this field, no doubt, there is potential / future for this business. You have an option of becoming seller on these marketplaces; but then, you will never have your own branding, and you will always be suppressed by thin margins & merchant un-friendly business terms of these marketplaces. So, why not to build your own online grocery store?

ecommerce site for selling grocery online

Ecommerce Site For Selling Grocery Online

Elements of online grocery store

Elements of Online Grocery Store

What you need to start online grocery store?

You just need 4 strong pillars to build your online grocery store –
(1) a professional, feature rich & user friendly grocery ecommerce website
(2) may be, your own online grocery app to compliment your website
(3) supreme delivery mechanism
(4) effective marketing to drive traffic

While Lets Webify will take care of 1 & 2 above, merchant planning to go for online grocery store needs to work keenly on 3 & 4. We can even help you out on planning for 3 & 4.

Which technologies are preferred for developing online grocery store and mobile app

For developing online grocery store (ecommerce website for selling grocery online), we recommend…
1. Magento 2.2 CE
2. Prestashop 1.6 / 1.7

For developing online grocery mobile app (Android and iOS)
1. Native Android app on Java
2. Native iOS app on Objective-C or Swift
3. Hybrid mobile app (Android & iOS) on ionic

technologies for online grocery store

Technologies for Online Grocery Store

Cost of development and hosting of online grocery store

The cost of developing online grocery store depends on what all features are going to be part of the website. Based on the detailed requirements shared by the merchant, we will come up with technology, solution and hosting plan and the corresponding cost of development. We mostly use opensource technologies and frameworks to keep the costs in control. However, building on online grocery store and running this business is not low-priced. A serious merchant has to budget substantial amount for the venture to succeed.

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