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We are Magento Experts
We are Magento experts!!

Magento is the most powerful, popular and respected ecommerce CMS, globally. Magento offers most of the features that a standard ecommerce merchant may need. And this core functionality can be extended further with the help of tens of thousands plugins available in the market. Magento is known for its stability, flexibility, robustness & SEO compliance. That’s the reason why companies like HP, JCB, Canon, Nike, P&G, 3M, Cisco use Magento for their B2C / B2B ecommerce. We are leading Magento development company offering Magento development and programming services in Pune, Mumbai (India). We have sound expertise in building online stores using Magento CE 2.x, customizing Magento code & developing Magento extensions. We also offer website maintenance and SEO services for sites built on Magento CE 1.9 & 2.x.

Magento is powerful!!!

Magento is probably the most stable, feature rich and widely accepted open source eCommerce platform, globally. It comes with 1. community edition or CE which is free under GNP license and 2. Enterprise edition which is priced on yearly basis. Magento is flexible enough to give complete control on UI, functionality, workflows & content management; and is stable enough to ensure smooth working of the online store. Few of the features of Magento CE 2.x are…

  • Advanced Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Private Sales, Events, Invitations
  • Gift Registry and Gifting Options
  • Reward Points
  • Advanced Return Management Authorization
  • Staging, Merging and Rollback of Content
  • Store Credits
  • Enhanced Catalog & Content Management
  • Price and Promotion Permission
  • Full-page Caching
  • Minimum Advertised Price
  • Call Center with Assisted Shopping
  • Solr Search
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Multiple Stores
  • Multiple Store Views
  • Advanced Administrator Roles
  • Site Access Permission
  • Persistent Shopping Cart
  • Flexible Pricing Rules
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Layered Navigation
  • International Commerce and Multiple Languages
  • Shipping Rules, Payment Configurations
  • Product Configurations
  • Up-sells, Cross-sells and Related Products
  • Effective and easy SEO
  • Flexible Couponing and Promotions
  • Customer Accounts Management
  • Order Management
Pros of Magento
What are the pros of Magento?

Magento comes with bunch of features that a standard to premium online merchant may need. Few of the advantages / pros of Magento are

  • It is dedicated ecommerce platform
  • It is Robust & Scalable
  • It is Backed by 1000s of plugins
  • It has superb web API framework
  • It has large community for support
  • Its architecture is SEO friendly
  • Its design is mobile friendly
  • Magento 2.x is git friendly
Then, are there cons of Magento?

Yes, as everything in the world has advantages and disadvantages, Magento is not the exception. There are few gray areas, but we don’t think these are show stoppers.

  • Development cost is bit higher
  • It needs premium hosting to run
  • Magento coding is complex
  • Maintenance is inevitable
  • Needs skilled team for support
Cons of Magento
Different Magento Stores
Who should go for Magento?

Magento being world’s most respected open source ecommerce platform, it should be considered by every serious ecommerce player. In our experience, the industry / product domains that should go for Magento are

  • Automotive
  • Retail / Grocery
  • Books
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Fashion & Apparels
  • Shoes & Bags
  • Wearables
  • Beauty & Jewellery
  • Computer & Hardware
  • Mobile & Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • Healthcare
  • Personal Care
  • Medicines & Medical equipment
  • Home & Garden
  • Sports
  • Industrial products
  • Food Takeaway/Delivery
  • Toys & Baby products
  • Home Furnishings
  • Stationary
  • Furniture
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