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It took radio broadcasters 38 years, television 13 years and the internet just two years to reach an audience base of 50 million. There are 2 billion people access internet daily globally. In India, around 100 million (10 Cr) people access Internet daily and this number is rapidly growing. Everyone is hooked to internet either through smartphones, tables or through laptops & PCs. The online places where these netizens are present are targeted by marketers. Such places are web mails opened in browsers, Google Search, Facebook and high traffic websites. Mastering the art of promoting your business on these internet places is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is one such marketing tool that is affordable and beneficial to every business – small, mid or big. One can have as little budget as $200 to start and test digital marketing; so entry cost of very low. Impact of digital marketing is measurable. No other media can offer these benefits at the cost digital media offers. Digital marketing (Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Google AdWords – SEM, Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing) is one of our core service offerings and its complementary to our website designing business too.
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